Property Advert Publication Rules

Definitions Of Words And Phrases In This Document

“Property” and “Properties” means real estate property.

Creating your Property Advert

Following are several points to remember while creating your property advert:

The property advert text must accurately describe the property. A property advert containing text such as “House for sale contact us here” will not be accepted. The text of one property advert must not advertise more than one property.

Any property advert containing the promotion of a service is not permitted.

You must indicate the price of the property and whether it is inclusive or exclusive of agent fees in the boxes provided.

The Account profile of the User must show the Business registration number (SIREN) for any property advert created for the benefit of a business or an association,

Prohibited Use

Any property advert containing text (words, expressions, phrases…etc. which appear to be contrary to the law or legal guidelines, good morals, the Internet Site publication rules, or likely to trouble or shock readers will be refused by French Property Marketplace without creating any rights or indemnities.

It is prohibited to submit a property advert:

In English in an alternative language section of French Property Marketplace. In another language in the English section of the French Property Marketplace.

Containing terms which have nothing to do with the property proposed for sale.

Intending to abuse the purpose of the use of the Internet Site and showing inappropriate key words.

Showing a surcharged telephone number.

Of a political, sectarian, discriminatory or sexist nature.

Article 225-1 of the Penal Code defines discrimination. The criminal offence of discrimination under the Penal Code is punishable by imprisonment and a substantial fine.

Unauthorised Products and Services

As a user of the service French Property Marketplace, you must ensure that the property you are looking to sell or buy, let or rent is a real property and that the sale / tenancy agreement will be legal. All other properties / services / products / objects / animals / vegetables / donations / content reserved for adults / protected emblems / personal searches are prohibited in property adverts on French Property

The misappropriation of asset emblems (e.g. red Cross, white flags, protected logos etc.) and similar items and/or their illegal or abusive use are serious acts sanctioned by International Humanitarian law, notable the Geneva Conventions of 12 August 1949 as well as articles 433-14 and 433-15 of the Penal Code.

The above list is not exhaustive.

Protection of Intellectual Property Rights

You must be the legal owner of the content or be contractually authorised to sell or let the property.

Insertion of watermarked photos is permitted to protect intellectual property rights. Only reference to the owner of the photo in the form of text is permitted in white or black. The inclusion of a logo or web address in photos is strictly prohibited.

Unauthorised photos and Videos.

Only photos and videos representing the property for sale and are permitted.

It is not permitted to include photos or video showing:



Links to another web site (except videos of the same property)

Any item which has nothing to do with the property being offered for sale

Detailed Publication Rules

A submitted property advert must be for:

The sale or rent of a property already constructed.

The sale or rent of land

Real property for sale or rent.

Do not submit a property advert for:

A service providing assistance to find a property.

Any service connected with the sale or rent of a property.

The purchase or rent of a property not yet built on the day of the publication of the property advert.

A property advert proposing a list of properties for sale, only one property per property advert is permitted.

Pages containing general text of the nature “House for Sale contact me”

General Rules

Private individuals can submit one advert per property owned.

In the case of shared ownership, the price indicated in the “Price” box must correspond with the total financial valuation of the property.

The “Diagnostic Performance Energétique” (DPE) is obligatory for all domestic property transactions and must be communicated to the potential purchaser. From 1st January 2011 every property advert relating to the sale or rental of a domestic property must show the letter corresponding with the energy classification and greenhouse emissions showing in the DPE prepared by a certified technician.

From 24th March 2014 a property advert relating to the sale or rental of a domestic property must show the following information:

The fact that shared ownership applies to the property.

The number of lots, if the property is divided.

The average share of the annual service charge currently required to be paid by the seller / tenant

If it is the case, the fact that a shared ownership arrangement is in difficulty and there is a procedure under way.

Any obligatory requirements relating to the property.

The statement:

“Including Agency Fees” (e.g. FAI)

“Net price payable by purchaser / tenant” where there are no agency fees to pay

“Excluding agency fees” (e.g. FAE).

Who is responsible for the payment of the fees (seller or buyer / landlord or tenant)

Changes to the terms and conditions in this document

We may revise the terms and conditions in this document at any time by amending this document. You are expected to check this page from time to time to take notice of any changes we make, which will be highlighted for a period of one month, as they are legally binding on you. Some of the provisions contained in the terms and conditions in this document may also be superseded by provisions or notices published elsewhere on our site.



This policy was last revised 01/10/2023.

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